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Why many medical students and physicians don't consider opening ideal clinics—and how they needlessly continue to suffer as victims.

How to achieve financial freedom through operating a low-overhead office. 3 simple overhead calculations you MUST know before accepting any job "opportunity."

The BIG differences between relationship-driven and production-driven medical clinics.
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Meet Pamela Wible, M.D.
I'm a family physician born into a family of physicians. My parents warned me not to go to med school—so I went. Fed up with assembly-line medicine, I discovered how to practice medicine the way I had always imagined. 
  • I realized I didn't have to suffer anymore! I could ask patients for help. My community designed our ideal clinic!!
  • I started our ideal clinic with just $3,000! Since then I've helped hundreds of doctors open ideal clinics all across America! 
  • I cut overhead from 74% to less than 10%! You can too!
  • I got 86% off my malpractice insurance! You can too!
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I've Helped Hundreds Of Doctors Create Ideal Clinics. 

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“Meet a doctor with a dream. Without marching, picketing, or waiting for legislation, she inspires a grassroots movement to restore humanity to health care. One doctor can change the world of medicine. 
Dr. Pamela Wible is medicine’s Martin Luther King.”
Neil Shulman, M.D.
“Duh! When your health-care delivery system is not fulfilling to patient or caregiver, of course you make YOUR ideal medical system as 
Pamela has done.”
Patch Adams, M.D.
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